UPDATED: Yammer: new private messaging experience

In the last couple of days, Microsoft pushed a new UI to our Office365 Yammer tenant. Looks like we are one of those they test the new private messaging experience on. Let’s have a look what it’s like: There is a new section called Private Messages on the bottom left of the navigation bar. You see the names of those you messaged in private mode lately. Also if you have a close look the gear, the entry point to the settings or for switching networks moved. It is now on the top right of the navigation bar and not on the bottom as it used to be. Just a heads-up if you need to change networks like I do, you will be slightly distracted by looking for it down there. More details to that feature can be found at: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Yammer-Blog/Improvements-to-the-Private-Messaging-Experience-in-Yammer/ba-p/33161 In terms of roadmap this feature is still under “in devlopment” not under “rolling out” but it’s cool to see that there are things coming, nevertheless we are all still waiting for things like edit posts. Update After shooting out my blog post the Yammer twitter handle reached back and provided some insights. If you are familiar with the way tech companies “pre-communicate” things on their roadmap, I think we can agree on the fact, that this is just around the corner.