Microsoft MVP - Most Valueable Professional for the very first time

Today I received an email informing me that Microsoft awarded me the MVP award for the Office Servers and Services category. I’m very humbled and proud of beeing in this group of special people and will do my best to stay there in the future. Those awards are at some level a personal thing but not possible without an environment where sharing information and helping others is part of the culture. I’m very happy that at Solvion we live and breathe this common set of values and beliefs because culture eats strategy for breakfast.  A big thank you to everyone at Solvion making this possible. There are way too many names to list, and chances are I would miss someone out, so I will just stick with this big general shout out to every single Solvionesen!  At last but not least I would like to thank one person in particular. Andrew Woodward. Andrew, you were one of the very first MVPs I ever met. It was back in 2009 in Slovenia where I attended my very first SharePoint conference. I got addicted to the SharePoint community there. Your passion for SharePoint and development in general truly was a game changer for me. I read every single post on your blog and followed every single hint and advice you gave on all the different channels. The governance and information architecture master class you organised together with Paul Culmsee, introducing us to a mindset that goes way beyond just the technology for sure had a career defining influence on me. Without your influence, I wouldn’t write this post today. Thank you very much and all the best!