First Posting

Hello on my new created SharePoint focused Blog! My name is Thomy Goelles, I’m currently working at a Microsoft Gold Partner in Graz, Austria. I’ve been working with the 2007 release of the product since January 2007. Our projects mainly target a SharePoint enablement at small to midsize customers. We didn’t had to update a single 2003 implementation till today. So the real SharePoint hype in our area came with the last version of the product. Our main focus is building intranet solutions. We’ve done only one internet facing site in the last 2,5 years. I think the license for the internet facing ECM solution is a way to big for our typical customer. We tend to guide our customers to the MOSS Standard version. We did a few projects on WSS, but it turns out that sooner or later you are going to develop a custom solution targeting a built in feature form the Standard product. All our custom solutions are 100% WSP packages. We are using the WSP Builder VS project as root of any project. We are faced with farm scenarios with multiple front end servers, so WSP solution packaging really pays out. All our solutions are developed locally, checked in to our team foundation server and are built there. It’s not a 100% CI process, but we are getting there. Currently my personal focus is set on the Content Query Web Part. I really start loving this web part. If your are working with the CQWP you probably came across the more flexible solution built by Imtech public available at codeplex.  This is a real fantastic web part and there is a great blog by a guy called Waldek Mastykarz. If you are interested in the CQWP this blog is a must read! Inspired by the work done with the CQWP I’m currently working on a “NewsContentSlider” web part. I’m trying to built something like this with the content query web part. I’ve done the xslt part in Visual Studio 2008 with the help of a little reg hack to enable intellisense in VS. The solution is already running on my development machine but I still have to fix some minor bugs in the css. Last week a colleague and I discussed about the used jQuery library in the solution. At the moment I’ve included a reference to the Google based jQuery library but as we deploy this tool to a intranet site we tend to host the libraries somewhere in the style library of SharePoint as a internet connection is not a must on a intranet site. This week I came across a tweet saying something about SharePint and Slovenia. So I opened Google searching around for a conference in Slovenia and luckily I found the page. So SharePoint Conference Slovenia is held on 26th of November 2009 in Moravske Toplice. As this is probably a hour away from us we definitely looking forward to do this event and also the SharePint that is planed there.

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