SharePoint Saturday Barcelona 2017

Today I had the pleasure to be part of another great event in Spain this year. Edin Kapic and his crew called and the community listened. Again I had the opportunity to talk about how we at Solvion use the Office Dev PnP assets in our projects. As I already did this kind of session a few times you normally think, Ok, just take the deck, move it over to this event’s design and off you go. Yeah, not if you build your tools on Office 365 or any other cloud vendor. The speed of change also hits speakers and consultants. ;) That means, of course, the session message stays the same: USE PNP!, but everything around got some polish and some updates. Feel free to browse through the deck, download it or modify it. Sharing is caring.    

Spsbcn 2017 how to use PnP assets from Thomas Gölles