Office365 Graz international edition with the one and only Tracy van der Schyff

Tracy van der Schyff (O365 MVP from South Africa) talked about “Why Microsoft Teams is the ultimate User Adoption Catalyst” User Adoption is greatly impacted by the magnitude of the change and number of systems / apps involved. In this session we’ll cover: 1. How to use Teams as the entry point into Office 365 2. Why the impact of Microsoft Teams is lower than introducing other apps and services on their own 3. How the introduction of Microsoft Teams is perceived by business users You’ll leave this session with a clear road-map for introducing your company to Office 365 & an overview of the change management required. The impact of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Hub Sites on your Intranet planning and architecture Here her slides: Office 365 - Why MS Teams is the ultimate User adoption catalyst[3210] And here latest and related articles on the topic:

Make sure to follow her blog and once again, thank you Tracy for presenting!