What an awesome autumn!

Puh .. quite a long time since the last, which was even my first posting … I’ll try to update now on a regular basis what is actually quite hard with all the new things flying around :) So where to start? First of all I want to show you the end version of the idea from the first posting. A colleague of mine built a new version of our company’s homepage. I’ll show you how he integrated controls from Telerik and used JQuery in combination with the Content Query Web Part. As written in my last posting, we were working on a news content slider solution for SharePoint. Basically all we used were the CQWP and custom XSL. Now let’s have a look what our solution looks like. As you can see all 8 seconds the image in the center fades out and another shows up. The actual image, the hyperlink and the little text are all meta data from the underlying content page. We put all the meta data in our content pages, like the normal stuff title, text bla bla … additionally we add the image, hyperlink and text we use in the slider on the front page. So the author of the news page provides all the information to the content page and SharePoint renders that information to more than one place on the site. As you can see on the video I had my cursor pointing on the actual image for the first 20 seconds. The solution is hooked to the onmouseover event and stops rotating the content as long as you put the cursor there.  After leaving the area the rotating starts again. The next thing I want to show you is how we used the Telerik Rad Controls in our solution. What we were looking for was a feature that allows us to add a fly out/fly in behavior to the left Navigation. There are JavaScript solutions out in the web doing this, but some of them require to put a content editor web part with a special java script on every page of the site. As our authors aren’t devs or admins we needed to built a solution that provides the feature without editing every single page. So what we did was integrating the PanelBar from telerik into our master page. And here is what it looks like. So enough for today. Come back soon, as I already prepare postings from the Slovenian SharePoint Conference which was held last week. Awesome information about the new 2010 release of SharePoint and Office. Also some really great talks about Test Driven Development by Andrew Woodward and assembly free solutions by Daniel McPherson. Needles to say there also was a SharePint :)