Quite strange but after two weeks it’s already time to say “Welcome!” again. Welcome to my new blog engine. I moved over from the BlogSpot space to my own server and WordPress as my new blog engine. All posts and comments from the past can be found here with exception of the “we are moving” post that stays there to inform all readers about the new page.

I mentioned to start posting on a regular basis two weeks ago. Today I will show you what drives me at the moment an what for sure will be a topic in the next days and weeks.

At first I think I will do a series of posts about document management in SharePoint. There are many blogs out there showing you which standard features are there and how you can configure them. In my opinion there is a lack of information about the things around the pure configuration of the platform. The series will cover the aspects of analysis of the maybe existing fileshare ahead and the importance of having a common understanding which files should be imported into SharePoint and what files better stay on the fileshare. Next step is user training and user adoption and my thoughts and experience in that field. As always there will be thoughts about what standard feature should be used and more important when. Finally we will take a closer look on how to really put thousands of files into SharePoint in an project proven way. This will be a series of posts around this topic and the ideas and experience come from my colleagues and our past projects. Also Stef* and I did a session at lasts year SharePoint conference in Vienna about Document Management so there is already a lot of work done. And again, it can not be said too many times, thx Stef* for your constant support and sharing of experience. 

Other actual topics are two books I read recently and to be honest I read them again and again since I have them:

  • The Heretic’s Guide to Best Practices: The “Reality” of Managing Complex Problems in Organisations (Paul Culmsee & Kailash Awati)
  • The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses: How Relentless Change Creates Radically Successful Businesses (Eric Ries)

This two books broadened my horizon. I will try to cover some thoughts in there and how I believe it will help me in doing a better job.

I also got certified as an Innovation Games facilitator some time ago. I think Innovation Games and Game storming also will be an interesting topic.

Last but not least on my topic list: I’m dreaming of starting a SharePoint User Group over here. I already got some questions answered in the incredible new and hot #spyam network on yammer. Thx guys again. I will read through the hints there and will do a potential member survey to collect real data from the filed. With that information in hand a clear and reasonable answer on whether or not to start a SPUG can be given.

That are some points you can expect to read about here in the near future. To put one thing very clearly heads up: All information in this blog is generated through collaboration with my friends, coworkers and our customers. Without them I would be nothing. I promise to put in a reference to the smart guys around me whenever one is needed. This leads me to the asterisk I put next to Stef’s name in this blog. I will create a “friends” page on this blog to truly honor you guys. So the * means you will read about Stef on the friends page soon.

Bottom line I have plenty of topics in my head. It’s time to bring them to paper. Or in our case “to the keyboard” Winking smile