Chrome SP Editor v4.1.4

A couple of months ago I started playing with webhooks and SharePoint lists. After searching for the easiest way to configure a webhook I came across a feature in SP Editor by Tomi Tavela. By using the SP Editor you just need to open Chrome, navigate to your SharePoint site, press F12 and look for the Webhooks menu in the tool. Adding a webhook is done in two easy steps, selecting your list and provide the URL to your webhook, click save and that’s it. In my use case, I needed a small addition to that feature. A SharePoint webhook has an optional parameter called ClientState. This can be used to identify your webhook later on by just that variable. In the last week of July, I had the pleasure to be in Helsinki and meet with some local SharePoint guys including Tomi. If you already had the experience to feel that guys passion for his work and SharePoint development in general, it’s like a no-brainer to be motivated to give something back. It’s just a couple of lines of code added to the already awesome SP Editor and now starting with version 4.1.4 you are able to add a custom ClientState when adding a webhook to a SharePoint list. So, go check out the latest release of SP Editor as it only will get better. 

Updated #chromespeditor, v4.1.4: Added optional ClientState when subscribing to list webhooks, PR made by @thomyg, thanks mate! #SharePoint #office365dev

— Tomi Tavela (@tavikukko) August 17, 2018